Redwork "pick and mix" Workshop

This wonderful Christmas workshop combines 2 of the very best crafts – embroidery and patchwork.  You will be able to choose exactly what it is that you make from my comprehensive selection of projects – Wallhangings, cushions, stockings, tablerunners, placemats and more.  You then pick the embroidery design that you would like to include.  Finally, you can mix in the style of your patchwork.    This approach will allow you to truly customise your Redwork projects this year.  In addition to having access to all my patterns and designs, this workshop will include:

    • Planning and designing your own project
    • How to stitch the perfect patchwork
    • Simple hand embroidery stitches for redwork
    • Cutting and assembling your project
    • Finishing touches including bindings, pipings and cushion making skills



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Redwork "pick and mix" Workshop