Introduction to Free Machine Embroidery

This fun 1 day workshop will really get you started with your free machine embroidery, with great results from the start!  Lots of tips and techniques, this will be a jam-packed day including:

  • Achieving the correct tension
  • Planning your machine stitching
  • Appliqué techniques
  • Using your sewing machine as a pencil (outline drawing and much more!)
  • Needles, threads, inferfacings etc – all the technical jargon explained
  • Creating your own unique textiles

You will need a darning foot for your sewing machine and the ability to either lower the feed dogs or cover them with a darning plate (supplied with your machine).  If you’re not sure about your machine, please contact me and I’ll advise which method works for your machine.



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Introduction to Free Machine Embroidery