Beginners Patchwork and Quilting

If you are looking to make your first patchwork quilt or perhaps just a bag or patchwork cushion, then this is the course for you.  We will explore all the basics of cutting, piecing and assembling your patchwork and look at the most popular shapes and styles of this wonderful craft.

I will help you to achieve perfectly pieced patchwork that lines up correctly, with matching seams and crisp points, giving your work a professional and beautiful look right from the start.



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Beginners Patchwork and Quilting

The 6 week course includes:

  • Selecting and cutting your fabric (rotary cutter method)
  • The anatomy of a quilt – technical jargon translated!
  • Piecing simple squares and rectangles
  • Having fun with triangles
  • Different styles and methods of quilting
  • Making and attaching bindings